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I have 300 orgasms a day

Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

The woman who gets sexual pleasure just from doing the housework MICHELLE THOMPSON'S life is one big climax -for a rare condition called Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS) means she has up to 300 orgasms a day. Here, she tells of the pleasures and problems of being in constant ecstasy. GRIPPING her mop tightly, Michelle lets out a gentle sigh, then carries on cleaning her kitchen floor. She says: "I know having an orgasm while doing your housework seems odd to most people. "But to me, climaxing while doing the chores is just part of everyday life. "In fact I can pretty much climax anywhere, any time, which might sound like a lot of fun but it has its downsides it can be incredibly embarrassing, for one. "But my condition also means I'm always in the mood, and that's hard for any man to take. "At first, most of them think they've found the woman of their dreams when I tell them I'm constantly gagging for it. "But when they discover that a simple bus ride can give me an orgasm I think they start to feel a bit redundant." Michelle, 38, is used to restraining herself in public, but occasionally she just can't help herself. She says: "Sometimes I can't stop gasping and moaning as I'm walking round Asda. "I do get some odd looks but I've just had to learn to live with it.

I know a lot of women think I'm lucky - they've never had a single orgasm let alone 300 in a day. But men just run a mile." Michelle, of Nelson, Lancs, turned to the internet to meet a man who could keep up with her demands. But even there her huge appetite proved a turn-off. She says: "I tell them about my libido and I don't hear from them again. These young stallions think they're something special but I'd wear them out at a rate of knots. "And as soon as they find that out, they're gone but there's no point lying to them." In her teens Michelle just thought she had a high sex drive, but when she lost her virginity at 15 it was explosive. She says: "I was hooked from the moment I first had sex. It felt more natural than breathing. "As soon as I'd finished one orgasm I was ready for the next." Michelle's first boyfriend left her after six months, telling her she was too hot to handle. She says: "I wanted him every five minutes but there was no way he could manage it. I thought it was normal at first, the way all girls were, but it soon became obvious I was different." Michelle has met two men who have managed to satisfy her. She found the first through a lonely hearts column in 1991 and says: "We were at it like rabbits five or six times a day. "I was constantly hungry for sex, but after four years of my pestering he got fed up." Then, in March 1997, Michelle thought she had found the perfect man in Martin Jacobs. She says: "He was amazing. We'd have endless romping sprees. He was like dynamite and my orgasms were electrifying. It was like I'd finally found a man who could satisfy me." Once, when the couple went on holiday, Michelle had climaxed 50 times before the plane landed. But even 50-year-old Martin couldn't satisfy Michelle's needs and after five years they split. She says: "I was devastated. If he couldn't cope, what hope did I have with anyone else?" Ever since, Michelle has had only casual flings. She says: "When I meet a bloke, I have to be honest and tell him about my condition. "One or two have even admitted they stood me up because they were too frightened they wouldn't have the stamina. I once dated a 21-year-old who was very well endowed and thought he was a real Casanova, but after just one night with me he was begging me to stop."

It wasn't until Michelle was 37 that she saw a TV documentary about a woman with the same symptoms she had and realised her constant tinglings were more than just a very high sex drive. It was at this point, in January last year, that she decided to seek professional help. Within months her PSAS had been diagnosed at a specialist clinic. Michelle says: "There is no treatment for it but I have become very good at disguising it when I have an orgasm in public. "I giggle and blush to cover it up, but I've had my When Harry Met Sally moments too. "My most embarrassing was last year when I was in a super- market and an in-store salesman wouldn't leave me alone. "Suddenly I got that feeling and knew I was going to have an orgasm. I tried to make my excuses and leave but he just wouldn't go away so I climaxed there and then in front of him. "You should have seen the look on his face." As well as strained relationships, Michelle has had to forego any hopes of a career and says: "It's just not possible for me to hold down a job. "When I was younger I worked in a biscuit factory but the rumbling of the machines set me off. "I was too embarrassed to explain to my bosses what was wrong with me, and back then I didn't even know what I had. So I just left." Even so, Michelle is adamant that should a cure be found for her condition, she would not take it. She says: "It doesn't make me unhappy, in fact it's the opposite. "I just hope I can meet a man who can deal with it. "Martin was the only guy in my life who could really cope with me being so orgasmic, but in the end it even ruined that relationship. "I am afraid that I will end up alone but if I do, at least I'll have a smile on my face." The names of Michelle's ex-partners have been changed to protect their identities.

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